1. How much is shipping?

The 5x3 feet pieces and larger run about $120 to ship in Canada. The 4x2 feet pieces are roughly $80 within Canada; 1x2 feet are roughly $20. These are ballpark prices (average taken over time) and if you send us a message with your postal code and we can provide you with a quote. If you live somewhere remote, the cost is always higher to ship. We hand deliver to Calgary and Cochrane for a $50 flat rate. 

2.  Can I pick up from your wood shop?

Yes! We would love to meet you and you can see where we create our art. Sometimes we even have Bailey's by the fire. We are located in Calgary, Alberta. We have a shipping code for local pick up: LOCAL upon check out and we will contact you when your artwork is ready. 

3. I do not see anything I like! Can I order a piece?

Yes! This is what we do best. Send us an email. All we need is a size and your favourite colours and we will make it up for you, no extra cost. We do not consider these custom, get as much or as little involved in the process as you like. This applies to our original designs, 45 degree cut mountains. 

4.  I want a Custom Range created of my favourite place. What is the process? 

These pieces start at 5x3 feet in size and $1500. We cannot get the wood cuts and details on any smaller of a canvas, we wish we could! Send us an email with your favourite view of the place that calls to your soul. We will sketch it out for you, to scale, with zero commitment. If you love it, then you can choose your colours and we create it for you. Custom commissioned pieces require full payment up front. Once the piece is sketched, we will give you a hard quote of the set price.

5. How long does it take to get my piece?

We have lead times that vary by season. Generally it takes about 4 weeks but during the holidays, it changes daily.  If you need a rush order, send us a message and we will move mountains to get it done. 

6.  I want to order my piece as a gift but I don't know where to hide it, it is so big!

We have secure storage options, free of charge. Come pick up the week before Christmas or we will ship it out in December. The important thing is to get your order in now so you beat the rush! 

7. How much do these weigh? How do I hang it securely?

The suggested hanging hardware is a french cleat, rated for 100-200 lbs. These are very secure and come with a level attached. Available at Home Depot or Canadian Tire. We do not install these to your artwork or provide them. Our pieces range from 15-80 lbs in weight.  We do install hanging hardware on the 1x2 feet which weigh 15 lbs. 

8.  How do I pay? 

We take secure payment online using Shopify. We will send you an invoice once we confirm your order. Or you can pay directly on our site if you are 'buying now'.

9.  Can I meet Paul Christian?

Yes! He hangs out in the shop everyday, he lives in the sticks and doesn't get see humans very often. Please bring him a black coffee from the real world. 

11. Can I come view your stock? 

We are not a retail store, we are a wood shop so appointments are necessary but feel free to come on out!