Commissioned Art

Thank you for your interest in commissioning a Paul Christian original. We receive many enquiries surrounding commissions; below is a description of the process.

Upon first contact with a client we ask for the name of the mountain range along with as many photos as possible of the landscape in question; different angles help. These photos provide different perspectives of the scenery in different seasons. We can see where the depressions are and where snow gathers etc. These photos must be of high quality resolution or we simply cannot work from them. We ask that the client makes it clear which photo / view they wish to be the final product. We then do our own research of the range which helps bring us to the best result.

Sizing of your art piece is dependant upon the photo sent. Clients often ask for a particular size and it quite often isn’t possible; the photo dictates. Commissions are best done in bigger sizes. Ironically, smaller sizes can be more expensive owing to the fact that the same amount of detail needs to be captured in a smaller space and therefore harder to craft. We assess the photo and provide feedback as to which sizes will work.

At this point, we ask for the client's wishes in terms of detail. Such as wether they want a Summer or Winter setting. Degree of snow cover. Wether they would like a sunset sky or solid brown stain. Mountain reflections in lake water. Mist over lake water. A visible sun or moon, and so on. We do not add in certain items such as a small sign posts or the proverbial sail boat. In our view, these additions lessen the wow factor and viewer’s eyes are just drawn to those small things. These additions would also highly effect the price.

Clients are asked to determine the color of their sky and frame. Beyond that, Paul Christian retains artist discretion in capturing the body of the piece, and the colors contained within. Many paints and stains don’t work well with others, Paul understands their make up, their versatility or lack there of. As such we retain those decisions. 

Once a photo and size have been determined, clients are provided with a price for the requested art piece. Paul Christian provides a sketch up of the finished piece. This sketch shows the outlines and proportions of the piece and we guarantee that the finished product will be precisely as shown. This sketch is free of charge however, we provide only one version. For example if a client asks for an alternate photo to be sketched from we begin to charge for our time. We do not alter sketches according to client’s opinion. For example “I remember that cliff being more prominent from my childhood standing on that dock”. We have ways to ensure that our sketches are absolutely precise; they are true and accurate.

Upon receipt and approval of a sketch, the client is invoiced and full payment is required. Upon receipt of payment, the client joins the current wait list. That time frame is determined by how many orders are ahead of them. If a client wishes to have their art piece prioritized, this can be considered. It must be noted that a significantly higher premium will be applied for the luxury. If a client is provided with an assurance of a piece being completed by a certain date. It must be noted that this is based upon prompt and effective communication by the client when information is required of them. If a client isn’t accessible, that assurance is void and said premium is non refundable.

We do not provide updates or in progress photos to clients. Nor do we accept changes as we progress through the build. We work to a tight schedule and must respect our commitments to other clients in terms of wait times.

All commissions are NON REFUNDABLE. Clients are asked to view our previous works as a whole. See and accept our vision and interpretation. Accept the mediums and materials with which we work. Our sketch is our absolute guarantee as to the shape of the finished product. The finished product will never truly be as seen in a photo. Many photos sent to us are photoshopped online where they are found. Things such as, but not limited to, sunsets and oceans are often accentuated and not truly realistic.

When it comes to shipping, we highly suggest that you pick up your commission from our location if possible. We trust our couriers and ship large amounts worldwide alas it’s best that you drive it home. We do not ship items bigger than 6’x3’. When we make something larger we use a private moving company. Your item is shipped alone, at a time of your choosing, and in a 24’ enclosed trailer. We trust the firm completely.

Finally, in the years that we have been doing this work, we have seen many people attempt to copy our triangular original designs. We have never seen someone in North America try to replicate or copy our commissions. In spite of this, in January of 2020, we began to serialized our commissioned art pieces. Each commission has a unique serial number burnt into rear along with a certificate signed by Paul Christian. A detailed record is kept at our location showing the original collector / owner’s name with the corresponding serial number. Should you ever wish to sell your art piece, we are happy to confirm the authenticity of it regardless of how many years pass.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. Should you have any further questions surrounding the process, feel free to contact us.


Birch Road Designs.